Hot Chicken, Canada

Hot Chicken at Parts & Labour


If you're an impatient person then this may be the hot chicken for you. Most of the hot chickens I have eaten tend to give you a slow burn. But not the one from Parts & Labour. You take one bite and instantly your mouth is on fire. Matty Mattheson, chef and owner of Parts & Labour, doesn't hold back on the heat. Unlike the Nashville hot chicken where it looks hot, the one Chef Mattheson serves looks quite innocent. This is a tasty fried chicken if you can handle the heat. I had to cool my mouth down with spoonful of mac n'cheese. Oh also, order the mac n'cheese, it's topped with crushed Cheetos.

$21 (3 pieces with pickles and bread)

  • 1566 Queen Street West, Toronto

Brooklyn, New York City

Chicken Sandwich at The Lodge

I totally judge everything by it's cover. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from The Lodge, thinking that it's just enough low key random restaurant in Williamsburg. But I was pleasantly surprised by their fried chicken sandwich with spicy mayo and slaw. The fried chicken breast was juicy and flavorful. I love spicy mayo, so no complain there. I could've done with less slaw, especially the slaw underneath the chicken. The bottom bun kind of disintegrated towards the end. BUT great fries and great beer selections. A darn good place to have a quiet Friday lunch.

$12 (Sandwich with fries or salad)

  • 318 Grand St, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich at Emmy Squared

If you're looking for a very spicy sandwich then the spicy chicken sandwich at Emmy Squared is for you. Covered in sweet sambal, this sandwich is spicy and messy. There's some nice crunch from the radishes and pickles. I'm curious why they used bok choy as well. The pretzel bun does a good job at soaking up the juices and staying intact till the last bite. They also serve a chicken parm sandwich that I need to try.

$16 (Sandwich only)

  • 364 Grand St, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Biscuit at The Commodore

I'm sure you know that I LOVE THE COMMODORE (but only during the day and quiet weeknights). Also when your friend texts you "I'm hungover AF" you head to The Commodore and order the hash brown loaded with everything and the chicken biscuit. The chicken biscuit comes with honey butter that you can drizzle as little or as much as you want. It's probably one of my favorite chicken biscuits in NYC. Tasty, crunchy, flaky biscuit.

$9 (Sandwich only)

  • 366 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg

New Jersey

Chicken and Doughnuts at Curiosity Doughnuts

I wouldn't tell you that you should drive out to Stockton on a Saturday morning for chicken and doughnuts at Curiosity Doughnuts but if you do find yourself in the area or on your way to Philly, then yes. A BIG YES. The husband and wife team, Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, serve their boneless fried chicken thighs with a cornbread doughnut. The chicken is crunchy and juicy and super tasty. Talbot and Kamozawa intended you to eat the chicken with your fingers, so don't bother asking for utensils. We tried about 6 different doughnuts and they were all very very good. Open only on the weekends and until they sell out. They only make about a dozen order of fried chicken so get there early

$9 (2 pieces of boneless chicken with a doughnut and doughnut hole)

  • 19 Bridge St, Stockton, NJ (Inside the Stockton Market)

Philadelphia, Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich at Federal Donuts

Now that NYC finally has Dizengoff, Michael Solomonov's fantastic hummus place, maybe next he'll bring Federal Donuts here too so that I can eat the fantastic sandwich. The sandwich is very simple (and I like simple) pickles, sauce, cheese, chicken (fried with a dusting of their buttermilk ranch seasoning), and the all important potato bun. 

$6.75 (Sandwich only)

  • Multiple locations in Philly, check their website

Food Truck, Los Angeles, Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich at Free Range

The OG from Free Range is a beautiful looking sandwich. It's tempura fried chicken with spicy slaw, whole grain honey mustard sauce in a Portuguese bun. This sandwich is good, almost to the point of being great but I'll have to eat another one just to be sure. I love the tempura style fried chicken. It's lighter and crispier (vs being crunchy) and the flavors are awesome. But the chicken became soggy towards the last few bites. I'm not sure if it was because I took too long in snapping photos of this and it sat toooo long. Next time I intend to eat it as soon as possible.

$11 (Just the sandwich)

  • Multiple locations, check their website

Brooklyn, New York City, Vietnamese, Chicken and Waffles

Five Spice Chicken and Waffles at Bricolage

At Bricolage in Park Slope, you can find a fried chicken that is seasoned well and has a very nice punch of five spice flavor. It's a great dish but I wish they did more with the waffles than just making plain old waffles. Maybe scallion waffles? Mochi waffles? Fish sauce waffles?

$15 (2 pieces of chicken with waffles)

  • 162 5th Ave, Park Slope

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich at Bar Bolinas

I finally found my new favorite fried chicken sandwich. My previous favorite was Allswell but it's sister restaurant, Bar Bolinas, takes two steps further by using a Dutch crunch and having the choice of regular or spicy. The Dutch crunch is an awesome bread. A little chewy in the center and crispy edges.

$15 (Regular or spicy; comes with fries)

  • 455 Myrtle Ave, Clinton Hill

My End of 2015 Fried Chicken Post

My 2015 Favorites

- Manhattan Inn If I had to pick the ONE fried chicken that just totally blew me away, this would be it. I can't believe none of the food media people wrote about this. Forget fuku, forget Root & Bone, forget everything...just go here.

- Manhattan Inn

If I had to pick the ONE fried chicken that just totally blew me away, this would be it. I can't believe none of the food media people wrote about this. Forget fuku, forget Root & Bone, forget everything...just go here.

- Egg

- Egg

Places Food Media People Are Not Talking About But Really Should
All of these places serve EXCELLENT fried chicken yet I have never seen any of these places in any fried chicken lists.
Manhattan Inn – See above
J’eatjet? – I hate sausage gravy but the one served at J’eatjet? changed my mind.)
Egg – Looking for something simple and delicious and just a solid plate of fried chicken?
Ma Peche – Yes, the food media loves David Chang and gets load of press but people mostly talk about the fried chicken dinner at the noodle bar and fuku. The habanero fried chicken at Ma Peche is crazy good and should be getting a lot more press.
44 & X – I had low expectation for this place but it surprised me.
MariettaPeaches HotHouse, the sister restaurant, gets most of the love because of their Nashville inspired hot chicken but Marietta does a better job.
Yafa Deli – Anyone that loves fried chicken, knows about Yafa Deli but I rarely see it on any “Best Of” lists.
Broadway Bakery – Feeling nostalgia? The fried chicken here tastes just like old school Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Sidecar – A solid plate of fried chicken at this local Park Slope spot.

Favorite Sandwiches
Cheeky Sandwiches
Wilfie & Nell
Parson’s Chicken and Fish
Delaney Chicken
The Commodore
The Meat Hook Sandwich

All The Places I’ve Been In 2015
The Breslin
Hudson Common
Maharlika Filipino Moderno
Ma Peche
Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque
Delaney Chicken
The Smith
44 & X
Wilfie & Nell
Root & Bone
Egg Shop
Cheeky Sandwiches
Birds & Bubbles
Spitzer’s Corner
Bian Dang
Pies N Thighs
Seoul Chicken

The Commodore
Wilma Jean
Yafa Deli
Pies N Thighs
Red Star Sandwich Shop
Manhattan Inn
Shake Shack
Beehive Oven
Endless Summer
Keg and Lantern

Broadway Bakery
Queens Comfort
Sweet Afton
Mister Chicken to Go
BocBoc Chicken Delicious
Engeline's Restaurant and Bakeshop

-Los Angeles
Tokyo Fried Chicken Co.
Howling Ray’s
Gentry Chicken

Federal Donuts

Parson’s Chicken and Fish
Honey Butter Fried Chicken
Longman and Eagle

Manhattan, New York City

Habanero Fried Chicken at Ma Peche

I feel like whenever people talk about David Chang and Momofuku, they tend to leave off Ma Peche. With all the hype going to his fuku sandwich, no one is really talking about the habanero fried chicken at Ma Peche. Having tried both the fried chicken dinner at the noodle bar and the sandwich at fuku+, the real winner is the habanero fried chicken. It's delicious! It's seasoned well, crunchy, SPICY, and no dealing with trying to score a reservation like at the noodle bar. Oh but it's pricey as heck for just half a chicken though. Definitely a once-in-a-while treat.

$28 (Half chicken)

  • 15 West 56th St, Midtown West

Manhattan, New York City

Root & Bone

I'm sure Root & Bone makes really great fried chicken but it's not what I got. Seems like almost every food person out there declared Root & Bone to have the BEST fried chicken in NYC. I can't agree on that since the 2 times I have gone, I was underwhelmed. The first time I went, the chicken was way too salty and the most recent time the chicken needed salt. My friend agreed that the chicken was just okay.

I really want to like this place but the chicken isn't consistent. Though, I did enjoy their sides and appetizers. Too bad they don't have the corn spoon bread anymore because that was easily one of my favorite bites of 2014.

$18 (Half chicken)

  • 200 East 3rd St, East Village

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich at Wilfie & Nell

Hello! I love being surprised! I sort of had no expectation for Wilfie & Nell. Actually, I never knew this place existed until a friend told me about it after finding out that I had gone to Sweet Afton. Sweet Afton and Wilfie & Nell are own by the same people.

This was a GOOD sandwich. Simple, delicious, and the chicken was seasoned well. Also, great job on the fries too. Would definitely come back for it.

$11 (Sandwich only; +$4 for fries)

  • 228 West 4th St, West Village

New York City, Sandwich, Manhattan

Egg Shop

Okay, so technically, this isn't a sandwich. The Egg Shop does not sell a fried chicken sandwich but you can order a side of fried chicken and jam it inside any of their sandwich options. If you order their egg salad sandwich, they do give you the option to add the fried chicken for $5.

I wasn't in the mood for egg salad so I went with their bacon, cheese, and egg sandwich ($10). I guess I could've gone the route of building my own egg and cheese sandwich and not have the bacon. The sandwich that I built was pretty good. The heat from the pickled jalapeno was great, love the bread, and can't argue when there's a fried egg.

Trying the piece of fried chicken by itself, it was pretty darn good. Nice crunch, seasoned well, and came covered in maple syrup. Thumbs up.

$17 (Sandwich for $10 plus a side of fried chicken $7)

  • 151 Elizabeth St, Little Italy

Brooklyn, Sandwich, New York City

Fried Chicken Sandwich at Esme

I would've been happy with this sandwich at Esme if it didn't say on the menu curried fried chicken with red curry mayo, romaine lettuce, and bacon. I did not get any hint of curry which was what I was looking forward to. Something different than the old buttermilk with salt + pepper. Also, sadly, bacon does not make everything taste better. Bacon and fried chicken do not mix well. a whole sandwich, this was pretty decent/good. And daaaaammmmmnnnnnn those fries were great!

$13 (Sandwich with fries or salad)

  • 999 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

Chicken and Waffles, Manhattan, New York City

Chicken and Waffles at 44 & X

This is why I started this project. Finding the good fried chicken that aren't on anyone's list. To be honest, I had no expectation for the chicken and waffles at 44 & X Hell's Kitchen. Actually, I have learned that for anything in and around Midtown, I should keep my expectations low. But the chicken and waffles surprised me. It's actually quite good. Yes, it's pretty pricey for just 1 piece of chicken but it was good. Seasoned well. The addition of the collard greens was a good change from the old salad, fries, mashed potatoes, slaw that usually accompanies fried chicken. What I really wanted more was the black pepper and maple syrup reduction on the chive waffle. Holy shit, that was good.

$18 (1 piece of chicken with waffles)

  • 622 10th Ave, Hell's Kitchen

Sandwich, Manhattan, New York City

Fried Chicken Sandwich at The Smith

I have come to the conclusion that when a fried chicken sandwich is served with a baguette like bread (long and crusty), it's not going to be good. The problem for me is that, there are too much crunchy texture from the bread and the chicken. And and the chicken just gets lost inside the sandwich.

And that is what happened at The Smith. After eating half of it, my teeth got tired of chewing. The chicken needed more seasoning to punch through the bread and lettuce and paprika aioli. Though the fries were tasty.

$16 (Sandwich with fries)

  • 55 3rd Ave, East Village
  • 956 2nd Ave, Midtown East
  • 1900 Broadway, Upper West Side

Hot Chicken, Chicago

Hot Chicken at Parson’s Chicken and Fish

It's been over 10 years since I last took a trip to Chicago and I basically wiped clean all of my expectations for the food in Chicago. Starting clean and fresh. I can tell you that, I did not have a bad meal there. Good ramen, great tiki drinks, awesome pies, and incredible fried chicken.

My first stop, after dropping my stuff off at my Airbnb, I went straight to Parson's. I sat at the bar and had their fried chicken sandwich ($10) and a $2 beer. The sandwich was delicious. Then on my last day, I went back to try the hot chicken. I would've like for them to offer different levels of heat instead of just one which was sort of medium. But I'm being picky. The pieces of chicken were flavorful, inside and out. It was pretty damn awesome.

$8 (2 pieces with white bread and pickles)

  • 2952 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Biscuit at BeeHive Oven

Beehive Oven started off as a vendor at Smorgasburg and later opened a restaurant in Williamsburg. This place is awesome. The whole time I was there, I felt like I wasn't in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's cozy and has that old timey feel like I was somewhere in New England.

So here, I decided to build my own biscuit. I kept it simple, you know me. Biscuit with fried chicken and an over easy egg (with a side of mashed potatoes).

Oh baby, pour some hot sauce on it. Beehive Oven specializes in biscuit so yeah, the biscuit was pretty great. Hhhmmmm crispy fried chicken, needed a little salt, and the last bite of biscuit/chicken was great for mopping up the last of the yolk. Win!

$8 ($3 for the biscuit, $3 for the fried chicken, and $2 for the egg)

  • 182 S 2nd St, Williamsburg