New York City, Queens

Sweet Afton

To be honest, I'm having trouble finding fried chickens in Queens. Yes, all of Queens. There are abundant of Korean wings, Thai style fried chicken, Filipino fried chicken but when it comes to southern style buttermilk fried chicken there are only a handful of places serving it.

I remember sort of liking the fried chicken at Sugar Freak (will need a revisit) and I really dislike the chicken and waffle at Queens Comfort. So when I finally sat down at Sweet Afton, I was hoping HOPING for at least a decent....worthy fried chicken.

Thankfully, this was a pretty good dish. I usually hate having gravy with fried chicken because it's usually too heavy but this red eye gravy wasn't heavy at all and it was damn tasty. The piece of fried chicken was pretty standard but the included egg.....yes, anything is better with a fried egg. One thing I would suggest is to have the gravy on the side and maybe an extra biscuit oh and probably 1 more fried egg.


  • 30-09 34th St, Astoria

New York City, Queens, Peruvian

Broadway Bakery

Broaster chicken aka Peruvian fried chicken. This was the first time I have heard about it. I have eaten Peruvian food before and usually they serve grilled chicken instead of fried. Jeff Orlick was the one that found this at Broadway Bakery where they serve pastries along with pizzas. The seasoning and cruchiness reminded us both of KFC and I'm not saying it's a bad thing. This was delicious and I love the different sauces you get with the chicken.

  • 89-52 Elmhurst Ave, Elmhurst

New York City, Queens, Rockaway Beach, Rippers

By-Hand Culinary

Every summer, I make the trek out to the Rockaway Beach not for the beach but to eat. Last month, a friend told me that By-Hand Culinary (they offer cooking classes and events at Hudson Valley at Kinderhook Farm) was going do a pop-up fried chicken dinner at Rippers, so I took my yearly trip to the beach.

The pieces of chicken were good but I don't know....I thought maybe the oil they were cooking in was too hot? The chicken looked a little pale while the crust was pretty much done. But the biscuit, slaw, fried okra, potato wedges, and watermelon were all delicious.


  • 8601 Shore Front Pkwy, Rockaway Beach