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Epic Fried Chicken Sandwich at Spitzer’s Corner

This sandwich at Spitzer's Corner is not epic nor worth $12. I do like the use of the potato bun, pickle and lettuce on the side, and hot sauce. I also like that they stacked up the pieces of fried chicken for picture worthiness. The sandwich didn't suck, it was just okay.

$12 (Sandwich only)

  • 101 Rivington St, Lower East Side

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Fried Chicken Banh Mi at Wangs

I really wanted to like this sandwich. I mean, who doesn't like banh mi and fried chicken? But if you have been following me then you should know that I hate having extra stuff in my sandwiches. The over generous amount of pickled carrots and daikon made the sandwich too wet and covered up any flavors from the chicken. Also, I just don't like crusty breads with fried chicken. Too much crunchiness all happening at once.

$12 (Sandwich or $14 that includes a side)

  • 671 Union St, Park Slope

New York City, Queens

Sweet Afton

To be honest, I'm having trouble finding fried chickens in Queens. Yes, all of Queens. There are abundant of Korean wings, Thai style fried chicken, Filipino fried chicken but when it comes to southern style buttermilk fried chicken there are only a handful of places serving it.

I remember sort of liking the fried chicken at Sugar Freak (will need a revisit) and I really dislike the chicken and waffle at Queens Comfort. So when I finally sat down at Sweet Afton, I was hoping HOPING for at least a decent....worthy fried chicken.

Thankfully, this was a pretty good dish. I usually hate having gravy with fried chicken because it's usually too heavy but this red eye gravy wasn't heavy at all and it was damn tasty. The piece of fried chicken was pretty standard but the included egg.....yes, anything is better with a fried egg. One thing I would suggest is to have the gravy on the side and maybe an extra biscuit oh and probably 1 more fried egg.


  • 30-09 34th St, Astoria

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque recently came out with their own crispy spicy chicken sandwich. The piece of chicken is rubbed with barbeque rub, smoked, then fried (hence why it looks dark and burnt but it's not). This was OK. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it but if I was in near a Mighty Quinn's and was just dying for a chicken sandwich. This sandwich comes with a pretty tasty spicy sauce, pickled cucumbers, and pickled celery.

This is only available in Manhattan (and probably their Jersey spot) for now.

$8.55 (Sandwich only)

  • 103 2nd Ave, East Village
  • 75 Greenwich Ave, West Village
  • 225 Liberty St, FiDi (Inside Brookfield Place)

New York City, Sandwich, Brooklyn, Manhattan

Pies 'N' Thighs

This chicken biscuit from Pies ‘n’ Thighs haunts my dreams. I still remember eating it the first time and made the mistake of sharing it with a friend. Ever since then, we each order our own. It comes with a slab of butter and a pool of hot sauce and honey.

$7.50 (Sandwich only)

  • 166 S. 4th St, Williamsburg
  • 43 Canal, Lower East Side

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Bian Dang

Oh man, I practically lived off eating Taiwanese style fried chicken over rice with meat sauce while in college. I love this dish! The crew of Bian Dang truck does a really good job. The chicken leg fries up really nicely and the meat sauce....make sure to get extra of that stuff.

$7 (1 chicken leg with rice)

  • Check their Twitter for the truck's location

Chicken and Waffles, New York City, Manhattan, Filipino


I was pretty excited to try this. I love when chefs adapt non-Asian dishes into their Asian menu. At Maharlika, they serve batterless fried chicken, purple yam waffle, compound anchovy-bagoong butter, and caramelized macapuno syrup. While the chicken was pretty good, I found the waffle to be a little dry. The syrup and anchovy butter...OMG the anchovy butter was so good, did help the waffle a bit.

$17 (2 pieces of chicken and waffle)

  • 111 First Ave, East Village

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich


Dear all, here it is. This is my FAVORITE fried chicken sandwich in New York City so far and you can find it at Allswell. It's house made buns, escarole, couple pieces of fried chicken that has been brined and soaked in buttermilk, and a smear of mayo. Also, the fries are perfect.

$14 (Sandwich with fries)

  • 124 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Joseph Leonard

This here sandwich from Joseph Leonard is one of my favorite sandwiches. You can see it's simple, compared to other fried chicken sandwiches aka no slaw. The piece of chicken was awesome, crispy and delicious. It came with honey, mayo, Tabasco, and pickles. You can only find this during lunch and late night. The only thing I'm not fan of, were the chips. I need...want fries, not chips.

$14 (Sandwich with chips)

  • 170 Waverly Place, West Village

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Endless Summer Sandwich

I have had tacos from the Endless Summer taco truck in Williamsburg ages ago and remember liking them. So when I heard that they were opening a sandwich shop, I made sure to keep it in my mind if I ever find myself in Bed-Stuy. But obviously, I'm never really in Bed-Stuy so it took me a while to try their chicken sandwich.

My friend, Nicole Taylor, raved about the sandwich and kept asking if I had gone yet. So one Saturday afternoon, I trek over to the shop. I have to admit, this was a pretty good sandwich but I would prefer to have less slaw.

Also, is potato bun the preferred chicken sandwich bun?

$8 (Sandwich only)

  • 525 Dekalb Ave, Bed-Stuy

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Empire Diner

I had this sandwich at Empire Diner when Amanda Freitag was still the executive chef. Though obviously that doesn't mean that she cooked the sandwich I had. It may be the same, it may be different.

I feel at this point, after writing about so many chicken sandwiches, it's getting a bit boring to say the same thing but again this sandwich...the piece of chicken needed more seasoning. Everything else was great, great fries, crispy chicken, hot honey (yes, always hot honey), but it just needed more salt in the meat.

But yes, I would eat this again.

$15 (Sandwich and fries)

  • 210 10th Ave, Chelsea

Manhattan, New York City

Hudson Common

The sandwich at Hudson Common was actually pretty decent for "hotel food" but it was pretty pricey for just the sandwich. The sandwich was loaded with lettuce, pickles, slaw, and spicy mayo. The bread was pretty nice, kept everything inside but like so many fried chickens out there, the meat needed salt.

I would recommend ordering the duck fat fried fries ($6), it's pretty amazing.

$15 (Sandwich only)

  • 356 W. 58th St, Hell's Kitchen (Inside Hudson Hotel)

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Double Windsor

If you can get to The Double Windsor at a non-peak time, it's actually a pretty great bar. They have a good list of beers and serves great fries. But when it gets loud, it gets loud!

While on paper, avocado and fried chicken sounds pretty darn tasty, in reality it's not. Or I guess it's more guac like at The Double Windsor. The sandwich just felt weird to me and didn't taste that great.

$14 (Sandwich with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and garlic aioli)

  • 210 Prospect Park West, Park Slope

Brooklyn, New York City

Wilma Jean

Chef Rob Newton does great chicken. When I met him at last year's Taste Talks, he told me that the majority of the people dining at Seersucker ordered the fried chicken dish. So ultimately he decided to close Seersucker and opened Wilma Jean, a causal fried chicken joint.

Besides getting the delicious fried chicken make sure to get tater tots too.

$15 (Half a chicken with 1 side and slaw)

  • 345 Smith St, Carroll Gardens

Brooklyn, New York City


Back in the day, this was THE spot for breakfast. Though I'm sure it still is but I just don't hear people talk about Egg much anymore. After eating their fried chicken, they should. The pieces of chicken were crispy and well seasoned. Honestly, I was pretty surprised by the chicken. They were mighty delicious and bum that it doesn't get as much talk as it should.

109 N. 3rd St, Williamsburg

  • $15 (2 pieces your choice of dark or white meat with a biscuit and collard greens)