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Fried Chicken Sandwich at The Smith

I have come to the conclusion that when a fried chicken sandwich is served with a baguette like bread (long and crusty), it's not going to be good. The problem for me is that, there are too much crunchy texture from the bread and the chicken. And and the chicken just gets lost inside the sandwich.

And that is what happened at The Smith. After eating half of it, my teeth got tired of chewing. The chicken needed more seasoning to punch through the bread and lettuce and paprika aioli. Though the fries were tasty.

$16 (Sandwich with fries)

  • 55 3rd Ave, East Village
  • 956 2nd Ave, Midtown East
  • 1900 Broadway, Upper West Side

Hot Chicken, Chicago

Hot Chicken at Parson’s Chicken and Fish

It's been over 10 years since I last took a trip to Chicago and I basically wiped clean all of my expectations for the food in Chicago. Starting clean and fresh. I can tell you that, I did not have a bad meal there. Good ramen, great tiki drinks, awesome pies, and incredible fried chicken.

My first stop, after dropping my stuff off at my Airbnb, I went straight to Parson's. I sat at the bar and had their fried chicken sandwich ($10) and a $2 beer. The sandwich was delicious. Then on my last day, I went back to try the hot chicken. I would've like for them to offer different levels of heat instead of just one which was sort of medium. But I'm being picky. The pieces of chicken were flavorful, inside and out. It was pretty damn awesome.

$8 (2 pieces with white bread and pickles)

  • 2952 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Biscuit at BeeHive Oven

Beehive Oven started off as a vendor at Smorgasburg and later opened a restaurant in Williamsburg. This place is awesome. The whole time I was there, I felt like I wasn't in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's cozy and has that old timey feel like I was somewhere in New England.

So here, I decided to build my own biscuit. I kept it simple, you know me. Biscuit with fried chicken and an over easy egg (with a side of mashed potatoes).

Oh baby, pour some hot sauce on it. Beehive Oven specializes in biscuit so yeah, the biscuit was pretty great. Hhhmmmm crispy fried chicken, needed a little salt, and the last bite of biscuit/chicken was great for mopping up the last of the yolk. Win!

$8 ($3 for the biscuit, $3 for the fried chicken, and $2 for the egg)

  • 182 S 2nd St, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, New York City


I finally made it! After yeeaaaaarrs of thinking about it, I finally made it to Marietta for their fried chicken. Marietta is the sister restaurant to Peaches HotHouse. Most of the food world seems to concentrate on Peaches HotHouse and their Nashville inspired hot chicken but I have to say........I enjoyed the chicken at Marietta more. The lemon-honey brine gave the chicken a slight tangy flavor which I quite enjoyed and the crust was good and crispy.

$16 (3 pieces with salad)

  • 285 Grand Ave, Clinton Hill

Los Angeles

Gentry Chicken

Last month, my friend, Leonard Shek did a fried chicken pop-up at the Old Bowery Station for 1 afternoon. It was family style and byob. Leonard did fried chicken 2 ways, original and Japanese (toshiro mifune). Both were mega delicious, crispy….juicy fried chicken. There were also pickles, salad with tomatoes, mac n’cheese, and corn.

Besides the delicious food, I met some really nice people and we destroyed a whole bottle of sweet tea vodka.

Leonard is based out in LA but be sure to check out Gentry Chicken's Twitter for any new pop-ups.

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich at Mayfield

Sorry, I just don't like fried chicken sandwiches that are served in crusty, crunchy bread. I like texture but crispy fried chicken with crusty, toasty bread is too much texture for me. My poor teeth. It just wasn't very good. Though I did like that Mayfield served the dish with a side of spicy mayo for dipping the fries in.

$15 (Sandwich with fries or salad)

  • 688 Franklin Ave, Crown Heights

Los Angeles


So flying back to NYC on a Tuesday, not only are flights cheaper, you get to go eat fried chicken at Ledlow in Downtown LA. Their family style fried chicken meal is only available on Monday nights for $35. Want more? For $15 more (per person), it becomes all-you-can-eat fried chicken dinner.

My family and I didn't go for the ayce since we also order a bunch of other dishes. The entire meal was great, the fried chicken was good but the meat needed seasoning. Though, would definitely go again.

$35 (7 pieces of chicken with 2 sides, Mondays only)

  • 400 S Main St, Los Angeles

Brooklyn, Chicken and Waffles, New York City

Chicken and Waffles at j'eatjet?

The first time I had j'eatjet?'s fried chicken, it was for dinner and it was very underwhelming. Though we did order the fried mushroom and it was very delicious.

Then 10 months later, I went for the 2nd time, this time for brunch. And for brunch, they had chicken and waffles with sausage gravy. Oh boy, what a difference 10 months made. It was soooo good. The pieces of chicken were quite good but the real star was the gravy. It just added something super special to the dish.

$14 (2 pieces of chicken and waffles)

  • 685 5th Ave, Slope South

Hot Chicken, Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich at Delaney Chicken

The chicken from Delaney Chicken is really good. I LOVE how light the outer crust is. This is because they dip the chicken into a wet batter instead of just plain flour. If you have eaten tempura before, this is super similar. The sandwich (fried thigh, pickles, Duke's mayo, Crystal hot sauce) is GOOD. It's spicy, just the right amount of spiciness. And $8 in Midtown for a delicious fried chicken sandwich, it's a great deal.

$8 (Sandwich only)

  • 230 Park Ave, Midtown (Inside UrbanSpace Vanderbilt)

Manhattan, New York City

Birds & Bubbles

I've been having Sarah Simmons' fried chicken for years and I love it. The only bad thing about it was that she only did it during Sunday dinners at City Grit. So when I heard about Birds & Bubbles opening in Lower East Side, I was super excited. Super excited for Sarah and super excited for me since I can eat her fried chicken whenever I want. Her chicken is always crispy and delicious and the cocktails that they have are all super tasty.

$18 (Half chicken)

  • 100B Forsyth St, Lower East Side


Federal Donuts

Oh Federal Donuts. OH FEDERAL DONUTS! After years of hearing about their donuts and fried chicken, I finally made my way down to Philly. I need to start going more often. It's only a 2 hour bus ride so it's super easy to make a day trip out of it. But you'll probably want to stay more than a day because there are so many good eats there.

Anyways, Federal Donuts. Oh boy oh boy. This chicken was delicious, salty, crispy, made to order, and came with a donut (but you should also get at least half a dozen more donuts to go). They offer, for their fried chicken, choices of naked, dusting of dried seasonings, and glazed. I went with a dusting of buttermilk ranch. So good!

Fyi, they only start serving fried chicken at 11am.

$9.25 (4 pieces plus a donut)

  • 701 N 7th St, West Poplar

  • 1632 Sansom St, Center City West

  • 1219 S 2nd St, Queen Village

  • 3428 Sansom St, University City


Brooklyn, Hot Chicken, New York City, Sandwich

Hot Chicken Sandwich at The Commodore

Beware! This hot chicken sandwich at The Commodore is SPICY. I guess that's the point but half way through eating it, it was all I could taste. Oh the pain. I mean, the sandwich is good. Crispy and the breast was surprisingly juicy. Luckily I had a delicious frozen cocktail to wash it all down.

$10 (Sandwich Only)

  • 366 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Biscuit at Cheeky Sandwiches

I've been going to Cheeky Sandwiches for years and somehow they have been able to keep the same prices on their sandwiches. I love this place. I can't think of anything more they can do to improve it. The sandwich (biscuit, fried chicken, slaw, and gravy) is awesome and I love that the space is tiny.

$6.50 (Sandwich only)

  • 35 Orchard St, Chinatown

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Epic Fried Chicken Sandwich at Spitzer’s Corner

This sandwich at Spitzer's Corner is not epic nor worth $12. I do like the use of the potato bun, pickle and lettuce on the side, and hot sauce. I also like that they stacked up the pieces of fried chicken for picture worthiness. The sandwich didn't suck, it was just okay.

$12 (Sandwich only)

  • 101 Rivington St, Lower East Side

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich, Vietnamese

Fried Chicken Banh Mi at Wangs

I really wanted to like this sandwich. I mean, who doesn't like banh mi and fried chicken? But if you have been following me then you should know that I hate having extra stuff in my sandwiches. The over generous amount of pickled carrots and daikon made the sandwich too wet and covered up any flavors from the chicken. Also, I just don't like crusty breads with fried chicken. Too much crunchiness all happening at once.

$12 (Sandwich or $14 that includes a side)

  • 671 Union St, Park Slope

New York City, Queens

Sweet Afton

To be honest, I'm having trouble finding fried chickens in Queens. Yes, all of Queens. There are abundant of Korean wings, Thai style fried chicken, Filipino fried chicken but when it comes to southern style buttermilk fried chicken there are only a handful of places serving it.

I remember sort of liking the fried chicken at Sugar Freak (will need a revisit) and I really dislike the chicken and waffle at Queens Comfort. So when I finally sat down at Sweet Afton, I was hoping HOPING for at least a decent....worthy fried chicken.

Thankfully, this was a pretty good dish. I usually hate having gravy with fried chicken because it's usually too heavy but this red eye gravy wasn't heavy at all and it was damn tasty. The piece of fried chicken was pretty standard but the included egg.....yes, anything is better with a fried egg. One thing I would suggest is to have the gravy on the side and maybe an extra biscuit oh and probably 1 more fried egg.


  • 30-09 34th St, Astoria

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque recently came out with their own crispy spicy chicken sandwich. The piece of chicken is rubbed with barbeque rub, smoked, then fried (hence why it looks dark and burnt but it's not). This was OK. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it but if I was in near a Mighty Quinn's and was just dying for a chicken sandwich. This sandwich comes with a pretty tasty spicy sauce, pickled cucumbers, and pickled celery.

This is only available in Manhattan (and probably their Jersey spot) for now.

$8.55 (Sandwich only)

  • 103 2nd Ave, East Village
  • 75 Greenwich Ave, West Village
  • 225 Liberty St, FiDi (Inside Brookfield Place)