Brooklyn, New York City

Peaches HotHouse

Many years ago, I had heard about Peaches HotHouse and their popular Nashville style hot chicken. I was intrigued and I went and enjoyed their hot chicken (mild is meh, get it hot). But I was not familiar with Nashville style and took what I ate at HotHouse as authentic. Fast forward to couple months ago when I got a sneak taste of the hot chicken from Howlin' Ray's. I told chef/owner Johnny Zone about the hot chicken at Peaches HotHouse and he told me that is not true Nashville hot chicken. Hot chicken should be wet. For chef Zone's version, he drenches his chicken, after being fried, with the mix of fried chicken oil and spices. The spiciness from Peaches HotHouse's chicken comes from a dusting of spices.

Peaches HotHouse does a great fried chicken but this is not Nashville style hot chicken. Inspired? Maybe....

$13 (3 pieces of chicken, 1 side, corn bread, white bread, pickles)

  • 415 Tompkins Ave, Bed-Stuy