Brooklyn, New York City, Halal

Yafa Deli

If you walk by Yafa Deli on Fulton St, it looks just like a regular deli but if you decide to walk in, you'll quickly notice their glass case of fried chicken. They sell by pieces (wings, thighs, drumsticks, breast) and I have no idea when they make them. One time I walked in, the case was full of fried chicken and they tasted really good and one time there were only thighs and they were kind of dry. But the seasoning they dust on is awesome and some times all you really want is a box of cheap drumsticks.

This is a to-go spot. If you want to eat the chicken right away, you'll have to find a spot outside or do what I did, walk to the next block and sit at the bus stop.

$1 - $1.75

  • 907 Fulton St, Clinton Hill