Los Angeles, Hot Chicken, Food Truck

Howlin' Ray's

Earlier this year, I read that Howlin' Ray's was planning to serve Nashville style hot chicken in Los Angeles from a food truck. They were doing pop-ups and tastings before their launch and I decided to email them, to see if I can get a taste while I was home in May. Lucky for me, they were offering a tasting but I had no idea it was at the house of chef/owner Johnny Zone.

He asked me how hot I wanted and I told him I leave it up to him. Oh boy oh boy.... he gave me hot, he said about level 7 out of 10. The level of heat really surprised me because the very first bite I had, I tasted sweetness. And I was thinking...oh yeah that's not too spicy. But it wasn't until the 3rd...4th bite, I was just basically sweating by then. After eating the one piece, I wanted more. It was so good!

It was really great meeting chef Zone. Standing in the backyard of his house, chatting about LA food scene, hot chicken, fried chicken, food trucks.

$12 (1/4 chicken and 1 side)

Check their calendar to see if they will be close to you.