Federal Donuts

Oh Federal Donuts. OH FEDERAL DONUTS! After years of hearing about their donuts and fried chicken, I finally made my way down to Philly. I need to start going more often. It's only a 2 hour bus ride so it's super easy to make a day trip out of it. But you'll probably want to stay more than a day because there are so many good eats there.

Anyways, Federal Donuts. Oh boy oh boy. This chicken was delicious, salty, crispy, made to order, and came with a donut (but you should also get at least half a dozen more donuts to go). They offer, for their fried chicken, choices of naked, dusting of dried seasonings, and glazed. I went with a dusting of buttermilk ranch. So good!

Fyi, they only start serving fried chicken at 11am.

$9.25 (4 pieces plus a donut)

  • 701 N 7th St, West Poplar

  • 1632 Sansom St, Center City West

  • 1219 S 2nd St, Queen Village

  • 3428 Sansom St, University City