New Jersey

Chicken and Doughnuts at Curiosity Doughnuts

I wouldn't tell you that you should drive out to Stockton on a Saturday morning for chicken and doughnuts at Curiosity Doughnuts but if you do find yourself in the area or on your way to Philly, then yes. A BIG YES. The husband and wife team, Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, serve their boneless fried chicken thighs with a cornbread doughnut. The chicken is crunchy and juicy and super tasty. Talbot and Kamozawa intended you to eat the chicken with your fingers, so don't bother asking for utensils. We tried about 6 different doughnuts and they were all very very good. Open only on the weekends and until they sell out. They only make about a dozen order of fried chicken so get there early

$9 (2 pieces of boneless chicken with a doughnut and doughnut hole)

  • 19 Bridge St, Stockton, NJ (Inside the Stockton Market)