Brooklyn, New York City

Manhattan Inn

The great thing about doing research is finding gems like this. Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint is a bar that serves food. They started serving fried chicken dinner on Thursdays and eventually included fried chicken in the regular dinner menu. A friend had told me about this but I just never got around to going. But finally I went! I was meeting friends for drinks at Torst, a bar nearby, and I decided to go to Greenpoint early to eat this.

SO GLAD I DID! WOW! That first bite into the drumstick. The saltiness, the awesome flavor, the juiciness of the meat. I slathered the honey butter onto the chicken because that was the right thing to do. Also great biscuit.

I can't believe this chicken isn't on anyone's "best of" list because it should be.

$16 (3 pieces with biscuit and honey butter)

  • 632 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

Los Angeles, Monterey Park, Japanese

Tokyo Fried Chicken Co.

I have read about Tokyo Fried Chicken Company a while back but haven't really planned a trip out until my friends suggested we go there for happy hour. I was pretty excited to hear about this place when they first opened. Japanese fried chicken! Japanese fried chicken aka tori karaage is usually fried chunks of chicken and not whole pieces.

While I really like the idea, the chicken was just OK. It was crispy but the meat needed more seasoning. I really like the sides though, especially the mac n'cheese and shishito peppers.

  • 122 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Abilene Restaurant And Bar

Hello, Abilene, a bar in Carroll Gardens, serves GREAT fries and now they serve a solid fried chicken sandwich. Served in a sesame bun, the fried chicken breast comes with melted gouda, lettuce, tomato, and onion. The chicken is flavorful, not dried out but I can skip the gouda.

$10 (Sandwich comes with pickles and slaw)

  • 442 Court St, Carroll Gardens

New York City, Queens, Rockaway Beach, Rippers

By-Hand Culinary

Every summer, I make the trek out to the Rockaway Beach not for the beach but to eat. Last month, a friend told me that By-Hand Culinary (they offer cooking classes and events at Hudson Valley at Kinderhook Farm) was going do a pop-up fried chicken dinner at Rippers, so I took my yearly trip to the beach.

The pieces of chicken were good but I don't know....I thought maybe the oil they were cooking in was too hot? The chicken looked a little pale while the crust was pretty much done. But the biscuit, slaw, fried okra, potato wedges, and watermelon were all delicious.


  • 8601 Shore Front Pkwy, Rockaway Beach

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich, Korean

Red Star Sandwich Shop

A Korean fried chicken sandwich? Yes, please! At Red Star, the sandwich comes loaded with pickled daikon, dill, lettuce, mayo, and gochujang sauce. The twice fried piece of chicken sort of got lost in all that but overall it was a decent sandwich. Definitely if you want spicy, this will make you sweat. Also the bread from Caputo's is great!

$8.50 (Sandwich only)

  • 176 Smith St, Boerum Hill

Sandwich, Brooklyn, New York City, Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Yay first post! I thought I kick start this site with the ChickenShack from Shake Shack. I'm a fan of their burgers and fries and shakes, well pretty much everything. So when news broke that they were introducing their very own fried chicken sandwich, I was pretty darn excited.

So it's fried chicken breast, pickles, lettuce, buttermilk herb mayo in a Martin's potato bun.

It's a solid fried chicken sandwich but I wouldn't wait in line for it. Also a friend decided to add bacon to his sandwich but later regret his decision. The smokiness from the bacon overshadowed the chicken.

$6.29 (Sandwich only)

For now they're only serving it in their Brooklyn spots.

  • 409 Fulton St, Downtown Brooklyn
  • 1 Old Fulton St, DUMBO
  • 170 Flatbush Ave, Park Slope