Brooklyn, Sandwich, New York City

Fried Chicken Sandwich at Esme

I would've been happy with this sandwich at Esme if it didn't say on the menu curried fried chicken with red curry mayo, romaine lettuce, and bacon. I did not get any hint of curry which was what I was looking forward to. Something different than the old buttermilk with salt + pepper. Also, sadly, bacon does not make everything taste better. Bacon and fried chicken do not mix well. a whole sandwich, this was pretty decent/good. And daaaaammmmmnnnnnn those fries were great!

$13 (Sandwich with fries or salad)

  • 999 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

Brooklyn, New York City

Manhattan Inn

The great thing about doing research is finding gems like this. Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint is a bar that serves food. They started serving fried chicken dinner on Thursdays and eventually included fried chicken in the regular dinner menu. A friend had told me about this but I just never got around to going. But finally I went! I was meeting friends for drinks at Torst, a bar nearby, and I decided to go to Greenpoint early to eat this.

SO GLAD I DID! WOW! That first bite into the drumstick. The saltiness, the awesome flavor, the juiciness of the meat. I slathered the honey butter onto the chicken because that was the right thing to do. Also great biscuit.

I can't believe this chicken isn't on anyone's "best of" list because it should be.

$16 (3 pieces with biscuit and honey butter)

  • 632 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint