hell's kitchen

Chicken and Waffles, Manhattan, New York City

Chicken and Waffles at 44 & X

This is why I started this project. Finding the good fried chicken that aren't on anyone's list. To be honest, I had no expectation for the chicken and waffles at 44 & X Hell's Kitchen. Actually, I have learned that for anything in and around Midtown, I should keep my expectations low. But the chicken and waffles surprised me. It's actually quite good. Yes, it's pretty pricey for just 1 piece of chicken but it was good. Seasoned well. The addition of the collard greens was a good change from the old salad, fries, mashed potatoes, slaw that usually accompanies fried chicken. What I really wanted more was the black pepper and maple syrup reduction on the chive waffle. Holy shit, that was good.

$18 (1 piece of chicken with waffles)

  • 622 10th Ave, Hell's Kitchen

Manhattan, New York City

Hudson Common

The sandwich at Hudson Common was actually pretty decent for "hotel food" but it was pretty pricey for just the sandwich. The sandwich was loaded with lettuce, pickles, slaw, and spicy mayo. The bread was pretty nice, kept everything inside but like so many fried chickens out there, the meat needed salt.

I would recommend ordering the duck fat fried fries ($6), it's pretty amazing.

$15 (Sandwich only)

  • 356 W. 58th St, Hell's Kitchen (Inside Hudson Hotel)