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Hot Chicken, Los Angeles, Sandwich

Hot Chicken Sandwich at Howlin' Ray's


What can I say? I love Howlin' Ray's. I love how dedicated their fans are. I love how Johnny and Amanda take care of their customers. And most importantly I love how delicious their food is.

It seems like almost every restaurant is now serving their own version of hot chicken sandwich but you know what.....I'm going to say it right one makes it as good as Howlin' Ray's. It's tasty, it's satisfying, and it's simple. I find the heat level of the chicken sandwich is just right. It's hot enough to make you sweat but not hot enough to mask the taste of the chicken. Make sure to get the hot shake fries too!

$11 (Sandwich only)

  • 727 N. Broadway, Los Angeles

Hot Chicken, Canada

Hot Chicken at Parts & Labour


If you're an impatient person then this may be the hot chicken for you. Most of the hot chickens I have eaten tend to give you a slow burn. But not the one from Parts & Labour. You take one bite and instantly your mouth is on fire. Matty Mattheson, chef and owner of Parts & Labour, doesn't hold back on the heat. Unlike the Nashville hot chicken where it looks hot, the one Chef Mattheson serves looks quite innocent. This is a tasty fried chicken if you can handle the heat. I had to cool my mouth down with spoonful of mac n'cheese. Oh also, order the mac n'cheese, it's topped with crushed Cheetos.

$21 (3 pieces with pickles and bread)

  • 1566 Queen Street West, Toronto

Hot Chicken, Chicago

Hot Chicken at Parson’s Chicken and Fish

It's been over 10 years since I last took a trip to Chicago and I basically wiped clean all of my expectations for the food in Chicago. Starting clean and fresh. I can tell you that, I did not have a bad meal there. Good ramen, great tiki drinks, awesome pies, and incredible fried chicken.

My first stop, after dropping my stuff off at my Airbnb, I went straight to Parson's. I sat at the bar and had their fried chicken sandwich ($10) and a $2 beer. The sandwich was delicious. Then on my last day, I went back to try the hot chicken. I would've like for them to offer different levels of heat instead of just one which was sort of medium. But I'm being picky. The pieces of chicken were flavorful, inside and out. It was pretty damn awesome.

$8 (2 pieces with white bread and pickles)

  • 2952 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL

Hot Chicken, Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich at Delaney Chicken

The chicken from Delaney Chicken is really good. I LOVE how light the outer crust is. This is because they dip the chicken into a wet batter instead of just plain flour. If you have eaten tempura before, this is super similar. The sandwich (fried thigh, pickles, Duke's mayo, Crystal hot sauce) is GOOD. It's spicy, just the right amount of spiciness. And $8 in Midtown for a delicious fried chicken sandwich, it's a great deal.

$8 (Sandwich only)

  • 230 Park Ave, Midtown (Inside UrbanSpace Vanderbilt)

Brooklyn, Hot Chicken, New York City, Sandwich

Hot Chicken Sandwich at The Commodore

Beware! This hot chicken sandwich at The Commodore is SPICY. I guess that's the point but half way through eating it, it was all I could taste. Oh the pain. I mean, the sandwich is good. Crispy and the breast was surprisingly juicy. Luckily I had a delicious frozen cocktail to wash it all down.

$10 (Sandwich Only)

  • 366 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg

Los Angeles, Hot Chicken, Food Truck

Howlin' Ray's

Earlier this year, I read that Howlin' Ray's was planning to serve Nashville style hot chicken in Los Angeles from a food truck. They were doing pop-ups and tastings before their launch and I decided to email them, to see if I can get a taste while I was home in May. Lucky for me, they were offering a tasting but I had no idea it was at the house of chef/owner Johnny Zone.

He asked me how hot I wanted and I told him I leave it up to him. Oh boy oh boy.... he gave me hot, he said about level 7 out of 10. The level of heat really surprised me because the very first bite I had, I tasted sweetness. And I was thinking...oh yeah that's not too spicy. But it wasn't until the 3rd...4th bite, I was just basically sweating by then. After eating the one piece, I wanted more. It was so good!

It was really great meeting chef Zone. Standing in the backyard of his house, chatting about LA food scene, hot chicken, fried chicken, food trucks.

$12 (1/4 chicken and 1 side)

Check their calendar to see if they will be close to you.

Brooklyn, New York City

Peaches HotHouse

Many years ago, I had heard about Peaches HotHouse and their popular Nashville style hot chicken. I was intrigued and I went and enjoyed their hot chicken (mild is meh, get it hot). But I was not familiar with Nashville style and took what I ate at HotHouse as authentic. Fast forward to couple months ago when I got a sneak taste of the hot chicken from Howlin' Ray's. I told chef/owner Johnny Zone about the hot chicken at Peaches HotHouse and he told me that is not true Nashville hot chicken. Hot chicken should be wet. For chef Zone's version, he drenches his chicken, after being fried, with the mix of fried chicken oil and spices. The spiciness from Peaches HotHouse's chicken comes from a dusting of spices.

Peaches HotHouse does a great fried chicken but this is not Nashville style hot chicken. Inspired? Maybe....

$13 (3 pieces of chicken, 1 side, corn bread, white bread, pickles)

  • 415 Tompkins Ave, Bed-Stuy