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Chicken Sandwich at Astro Doughnuts


You don't go to Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken for a fried chicken sandwich in a potato bun. You get a fried chicken sandwich in a savory doughnut! The doughnut, a cake version, did it's job well. It held everything together and actually gave the sandwich a hint of sweetness. Though for $8.25 it's a bit pricey for a tiny sandwich. Plus the piece of chicken wasn't even hot.

$8.25 (Sandwich only)

  • 516 W 6th Street, Los Angeles


  • 1308 G Street NW, Washington DC

Hot Chicken, Los Angeles, Sandwich

Hot Chicken Sandwich at Howlin' Ray's


What can I say? I love Howlin' Ray's. I love how dedicated their fans are. I love how Johnny and Amanda take care of their customers. And most importantly I love how delicious their food is.

It seems like almost every restaurant is now serving their own version of hot chicken sandwich but you know what.....I'm going to say it right here....no one makes it as good as Howlin' Ray's. It's tasty, it's satisfying, and it's simple. I find the heat level of the chicken sandwich is just right. It's hot enough to make you sweat but not hot enough to mask the taste of the chicken. Make sure to get the hot shake fries too!

$11 (Sandwich only)

  • 727 N. Broadway, Los Angeles

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Chicken Sandwich at Free Range

The OG from Free Range is a beautiful looking sandwich. It's tempura fried chicken with spicy slaw, whole grain honey mustard sauce in a Portuguese bun. This sandwich is good, almost to the point of being great but I'll have to eat another one just to be sure. I love the tempura style fried chicken. It's lighter and crispier (vs being crunchy) and the flavors are awesome. But the chicken became soggy towards the last few bites. I'm not sure if it was because I took too long in snapping photos of this and it sat toooo long. Next time I intend to eat it as soon as possible.

$11 (Just the sandwich)

  • Multiple locations, check their website

Los Angeles

Gentry Chicken

Last month, my friend, Leonard Shek did a fried chicken pop-up at the Old Bowery Station for 1 afternoon. It was family style and byob. Leonard did fried chicken 2 ways, original and Japanese (toshiro mifune). Both were mega delicious, crispy….juicy fried chicken. There were also pickles, salad with tomatoes, mac n’cheese, and corn.

Besides the delicious food, I met some really nice people and we destroyed a whole bottle of sweet tea vodka.

Leonard is based out in LA but be sure to check out Gentry Chicken's Twitter for any new pop-ups.

Los Angeles


So flying back to NYC on a Tuesday, not only are flights cheaper, you get to go eat fried chicken at Ledlow in Downtown LA. Their family style fried chicken meal is only available on Monday nights for $35. Want more? For $15 more (per person), it becomes all-you-can-eat fried chicken dinner.

My family and I didn't go for the ayce since we also order a bunch of other dishes. The entire meal was great, the fried chicken was good but the meat needed seasoning. Though, would definitely go again.

$35 (7 pieces of chicken with 2 sides, Mondays only)

  • 400 S Main St, Los Angeles

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Howlin' Ray's

Earlier this year, I read that Howlin' Ray's was planning to serve Nashville style hot chicken in Los Angeles from a food truck. They were doing pop-ups and tastings before their launch and I decided to email them, to see if I can get a taste while I was home in May. Lucky for me, they were offering a tasting but I had no idea it was at the house of chef/owner Johnny Zone.

He asked me how hot I wanted and I told him I leave it up to him. Oh boy oh boy.... he gave me hot, he said about level 7 out of 10. The level of heat really surprised me because the very first bite I had, I tasted sweetness. And I was thinking...oh yeah that's not too spicy. But it wasn't until the 3rd...4th bite, I was just basically sweating by then. After eating the one piece, I wanted more. It was so good!

It was really great meeting chef Zone. Standing in the backyard of his house, chatting about LA food scene, hot chicken, fried chicken, food trucks.

$12 (1/4 chicken and 1 side)

Check their calendar to see if they will be close to you.

Los Angeles, Monterey Park, Japanese

Tokyo Fried Chicken Co.

I have read about Tokyo Fried Chicken Company a while back but haven't really planned a trip out until my friends suggested we go there for happy hour. I was pretty excited to hear about this place when they first opened. Japanese fried chicken! Japanese fried chicken aka tori karaage is usually fried chunks of chicken and not whole pieces.

While I really like the idea, the chicken was just OK. It was crispy but the meat needed more seasoning. I really like the sides though, especially the mac n'cheese and shishito peppers.

  • 122 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park

Los Angeles, Sandwich

Son Of A Gun

From the guys behind Animal, Son of a Gun is the casual/seafood-centric sister. But just cause it's a seafood restaurant doesn't mean that the non-seafood items suck. Oh no.... Their fried chicken sandwich with spicy b&b pickle slaw and rooster aioli is so freakin delicious. I usually don't like too much slaw in the sandwich because they usually mask the flavor of the chicken but not this sandwich. Everything is just perfect.

$16 (Sandwich only)

  • 8370 W 3rd St, Los Angeles