Manhattan, New York City

Habanero Fried Chicken at Ma Peche

I feel like whenever people talk about David Chang and Momofuku, they tend to leave off Ma Peche. With all the hype going to his fuku sandwich, no one is really talking about the habanero fried chicken at Ma Peche. Having tried both the fried chicken dinner at the noodle bar and the sandwich at fuku+, the real winner is the habanero fried chicken. It's delicious! It's seasoned well, crunchy, SPICY, and no dealing with trying to score a reservation like at the noodle bar. Oh but it's pricey as heck for just half a chicken though. Definitely a once-in-a-while treat.

$28 (Half chicken)

  • 15 West 56th St, Midtown West

Manhattan, New York City

Ma Peche

While I thought the fried chicken family meal at Momofuku Noodle Bar was alright, I really enjoyed the country fried chicken at Ma Peche in Midtown. I got the half order which comes with 6 pieces of perfectly fried chicken. The bartender informed me that for the country fried version, the chicken was smoked before frying. Next time, I like to try the habanero fried chicken.

$28 (6 pieces)

  • 15 W. 56th, Midtown West