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Brooklyn, New York City, Vietnamese, Chicken and Waffles

Five Spice Chicken and Waffles at Bricolage

At Bricolage in Park Slope, you can find a fried chicken that is seasoned well and has a very nice punch of five spice flavor. It's a great dish but I wish they did more with the waffles than just making plain old waffles. Maybe scallion waffles? Mochi waffles? Fish sauce waffles?

$15 (2 pieces of chicken with waffles)

  • 162 5th Ave, Park Slope

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich, Vietnamese

Fried Chicken Banh Mi at Wangs

I really wanted to like this sandwich. I mean, who doesn't like banh mi and fried chicken? But if you have been following me then you should know that I hate having extra stuff in my sandwiches. The over generous amount of pickled carrots and daikon made the sandwich too wet and covered up any flavors from the chicken. Also, I just don't like crusty breads with fried chicken. Too much crunchiness all happening at once.

$12 (Sandwich or $14 that includes a side)

  • 671 Union St, Park Slope

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Double Windsor

If you can get to The Double Windsor at a non-peak time, it's actually a pretty great bar. They have a good list of beers and serves great fries. But when it gets loud, it gets loud!

While on paper, avocado and fried chicken sounds pretty darn tasty, in reality it's not. Or I guess it's more guac like at The Double Windsor. The sandwich just felt weird to me and didn't taste that great.

$14 (Sandwich with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and garlic aioli)

  • 210 Prospect Park West, Park Slope