west village

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich at Wilfie & Nell

Hello! I love being surprised! I sort of had no expectation for Wilfie & Nell. Actually, I never knew this place existed until a friend told me about it after finding out that I had gone to Sweet Afton. Sweet Afton and Wilfie & Nell are own by the same people.

This was a GOOD sandwich. Simple, delicious, and the chicken was seasoned well. Also, great job on the fries too. Would definitely come back for it.

$11 (Sandwich only; +$4 for fries)

  • 228 West 4th St, West Village

Manhattan, New York City, Sandwich

Joseph Leonard

This here sandwich from Joseph Leonard is one of my favorite sandwiches. You can see it's simple, compared to other fried chicken sandwiches aka no slaw. The piece of chicken was awesome, crispy and delicious. It came with honey, mayo, Tabasco, and pickles. You can only find this during lunch and late night. The only thing I'm not fan of, were the chips. I need...want fries, not chips.

$14 (Sandwich with chips)

  • 170 Waverly Place, West Village