Brooklyn, New York City

Chicken Sandwich at The Lodge

I totally judge everything by it's cover. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from The Lodge, thinking that it's just enough low key random restaurant in Williamsburg. But I was pleasantly surprised by their fried chicken sandwich with spicy mayo and slaw. The fried chicken breast was juicy and flavorful. I love spicy mayo, so no complain there. I could've done with less slaw, especially the slaw underneath the chicken. The bottom bun kind of disintegrated towards the end. BUT great fries and great beer selections. A darn good place to have a quiet Friday lunch.

$12 (Sandwich with fries or salad)

  • 318 Grand St, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich at Emmy Squared

If you're looking for a very spicy sandwich then the spicy chicken sandwich at Emmy Squared is for you. Covered in sweet sambal, this sandwich is spicy and messy. There's some nice crunch from the radishes and pickles. I'm curious why they used bok choy as well. The pretzel bun does a good job at soaking up the juices and staying intact till the last bite. They also serve a chicken parm sandwich that I need to try.

$16 (Sandwich only)

  • 364 Grand St, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Biscuit at The Commodore

I'm sure you know that I LOVE THE COMMODORE (but only during the day and quiet weeknights). Also when your friend texts you "I'm hungover AF" you head to The Commodore and order the hash brown loaded with everything and the chicken biscuit. The chicken biscuit comes with honey butter that you can drizzle as little or as much as you want. It's probably one of my favorite chicken biscuits in NYC. Tasty, crunchy, flaky biscuit.

$9 (Sandwich only)

  • 366 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich

Chicken Biscuit at BeeHive Oven

Beehive Oven started off as a vendor at Smorgasburg and later opened a restaurant in Williamsburg. This place is awesome. The whole time I was there, I felt like I wasn't in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's cozy and has that old timey feel like I was somewhere in New England.

So here, I decided to build my own biscuit. I kept it simple, you know me. Biscuit with fried chicken and an over easy egg (with a side of mashed potatoes).

Oh baby, pour some hot sauce on it. Beehive Oven specializes in biscuit so yeah, the biscuit was pretty great. Hhhmmmm crispy fried chicken, needed a little salt, and the last bite of biscuit/chicken was great for mopping up the last of the yolk. Win!

$8 ($3 for the biscuit, $3 for the fried chicken, and $2 for the egg)

  • 182 S 2nd St, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, Hot Chicken, New York City, Sandwich

Hot Chicken Sandwich at The Commodore

Beware! This hot chicken sandwich at The Commodore is SPICY. I guess that's the point but half way through eating it, it was all I could taste. Oh the pain. I mean, the sandwich is good. Crispy and the breast was surprisingly juicy. Luckily I had a delicious frozen cocktail to wash it all down.

$10 (Sandwich Only)

  • 366 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg

New York City, Sandwich, Brooklyn, Manhattan

Pies 'N' Thighs

This chicken biscuit from Pies ‘n’ Thighs haunts my dreams. I still remember eating it the first time and made the mistake of sharing it with a friend. Ever since then, we each order our own. It comes with a slab of butter and a pool of hot sauce and honey.

$7.50 (Sandwich only)

  • 166 S. 4th St, Williamsburg
  • 43 Canal, Lower East Side

Brooklyn, New York City, Sandwich


Dear all, here it is. This is my FAVORITE fried chicken sandwich in New York City so far and you can find it at Allswell. It's house made buns, escarole, couple pieces of fried chicken that has been brined and soaked in buttermilk, and a smear of mayo. Also, the fries are perfect.

$14 (Sandwich with fries)

  • 124 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, New York City


Back in the day, this was THE spot for breakfast. Though I'm sure it still is but I just don't hear people talk about Egg much anymore. After eating their fried chicken, they should. The pieces of chicken were crispy and well seasoned. Honestly, I was pretty surprised by the chicken. They were mighty delicious and bum that it doesn't get as much talk as it should.

109 N. 3rd St, Williamsburg

  • $15 (2 pieces your choice of dark or white meat with a biscuit and collard greens)

Brooklyn, Chicken and Waffles, New York City

Jimmy's Diner

Three pieces of fried chicken and a waffle covered in sausage gravy at Jimmy’s Diner in Williamsburg. This dish was just okay. Are y'all fans of sausage gravy? The gravy was a bit heavy for me while the chicken needed a little bit more seasoning in the meat. The waffle was okay.

It’s a good brunch spot if you live in the neighborhood. Cheap beers on tap and has chocolate milk.

$13 (3 pieces of chicken, waffle, and gravy)

  • 577 Union Ave, Williamsburg

Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City, Chicken and Waffles

Pies 'N' Thighs

Years ago, I heard about the magic of Pies 'n' Thighs but that was after they had closed their original location. I had to wait another year before they landed in their current Williamsburg location. Back in the day, Pies 'n' Thighs was it. A place that specialized in fried chicken before fried chicken was cool. I mean fried chicken has always been cool but not cool like what we have now.

It's been a long time since I ate at Pies 'n' Thighs and one day I found myself passing by their new location in the Lower East Site and decided to stop in for a late lunch. I got the chicken and waffles with strawberries and cinnamon butter. Yeah, this was good... really good.

  • 166 S. 4th St, Williamsburg
  • 43 Canal, Lower East Side